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I’m two followers away from my next hundred, so I’m gonna do a promo post for whoever gets me to that hundred because why not! I should actually take the time to make posts for each and every one of your blogs and just queue them to go once a week or something because you’re all brilliant.

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not when she owes me a dance

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was that my hair or is there a spider crawling on me

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about beards.

I could watch him for hours and laugh :D


4/7 inspired by this

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Lunch in the Rabbit Room at the Eagle and Child pub! They have a note from 1948 signed by the Lewis brothers and JRR Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien! Also I found it amusing that there’s a quote from the LotR films up on the wall with a rather poor Tolkien portrait. Also amusing is that Christopher was a young man when he signed that paper which you can tell because he puts only a BA down as his credentials and his handwriting is SO careful compared to all the other men’s, like he’s trying to impress them lol. And JRR lists being Christopher’s father as one of his credentials, how cute ^_^

So what have you been up to since New York?

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